From idea to shelf: We bring your product to market sustainably.

H+A is a global award-winning design and manufacturing company that provides innovative in-store retail solutions including point of purchase (POP) and display material. With 20 years of experience in shopper marketing, design and engineering, production, rapid prototyping, logistics and installation, we bring brands to life both in the informal and formal trading environments, locally and abroad. H+A is at the forefront of building sustainable shopper marketing solutions for brands, reducing resource consumption and minimizing carbon footprint.

In 2022 Provantage acquired a 51% stake in H+A – thereby immediately expanding market reach, leveraging capabilities, and adding significant value to clients across Africa.

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  • 6 572m2

    Manufacturing facility offering end-to-end retail,
    prototyping, marketing, design and manufacturing.

  • At the forefront of sustainability we carefully monitor resource consumption to ensure we continuously minimize our carbon footprint.