Win customers’ hearts, not their clicks through effective brand activations.

ProActive™ was established in 2008, and is one of SA’s largest activation agencies.

The agency specialises in brand activations, bringing creative and strategic concepts to life through consumer experiences in a diverse range of environments.

Their dedicated creative team ensures that concepts are strategically sound, creatively effective and well executed. ProActive™ operates in 18 African countries and the UAE.  

While we have the capabilities and capacity to offer experiential activations and events to both high income and mass market offering, we also offer enterprise development through Spaza Media. 

Spaza Media offers an effective, impactful, and transformative solution that geared towards small business development and job creation.

Reach out to us:

  • We make customers lifelong fans of our client brands

    Through mass sampling campaigns, in-store, informal trade activations, leaflet drops and Shoppa shows.

  • People are at the heart of our business and it’s our mission to understand and connect with them, converting them from consumers to our clients biggest brands.