Changing Lives

More often than not, it is extremely difficult for non-profit and charitable organisations to fulfil the social and moral obligations of the broader society or state institutions. The tireless and incredible work they perform is selfless and difficult. It is these organisations, those that address youth issues that we support.

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The Youth

We have a firm belief in, and reliance upon, the youth of our country becoming the leaders of tomorrow. There are many in society that feel a sense of hopelessness, vulnerability, and rejection. Through our commitment to upliftment, our mission is to provide not only hope, but care and the belief in a brighter future.

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Making a Difference

It is an honour for Provantage Media Group to assist these organisations with a view to help making the lives of disadvantaged children in South Africa better. With the support of our staff, we aim to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged youths, and that through our actions, we make our contribution to being a part of our broader society and community.

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Upliftment & Development

Provantage Media Group is committed to the support, upliftment and development of sectors of society which require assistance that otherwise would not be forthcoming. We believe in sustained and consistent assistance, as a means of ensuring that well-intentioned actions deliver results for those in need.