NEWS > MyCiTi campaign a win for African Extracts

MyCiTi campaign a win for African Extracts

Transit Ads™ has implemented a campaign for African Extracts that sees the brand showcased on MyCiTi buses travelling on major routes within the greater Cape Town area.

Transit Ads™ has exclusive advertising rights to MyCiTi buses in Cape Town, providing a golden opportunity for brands wanting to stand out within this bustling major city. The bus network clocks 75 000 commuter journeys per day, so advertising on this medium provides unparalleled visibility and frequency.

“Buses are giant billboards that have the ability to showcase brand messaging in areas where other forms of out of home are limited; or the opposite where cities are cluttered with various forms of advertising. For African Extracts, buses directly and successfully target their audience,” says Hugh Wilson, National Sales Manager: Transit Ads™.

For more information on how Transit Ads™ can take your brand to Cape Town consumers, contact Hugh Wilson on 0861 776 826 or or DM @TransitAds_