NEWS > Reboost Powers Up Market Presence with Integrated Transit Campaign

Reboost Powers Up Market Presence with Integrated Transit Campaign

Energy drink Reboost is making effective use of the Out of Home medium and driving greater brand awareness of its products through a ‘powerful’ Transit Ads™ Out of Home media campaign.

The energy drink’s objective is to elevate the Reboost brand and, in turn, generate a greater market presence and awareness of availability across South Africa, and thus has embarked on a three-month national campaign across all Transit Ads media.

The full suite of products takes in Transit TV, taxi rank branding, Transit XL, Integrated Rapid Transit bus backs, and ‘Powa Towas’, with the broader objective to ‘own’ the transit space and deliver a clear and concise message to commuters regarding the Reboost brand proposition.

That includes positioning the Reboost brand as the “energy drink that fuels aspirations and helps you Rise with Reason!” 

“Creatively, the Reboost messaging lends itself to an eye-catching and impactful OOH campaign,” says Shamy Naidoo, Transit Ads™ Executive. “But, Reboost has gone beyond that and selected an integrated national campaign across a number of Transit Ads’ static and digital platforms in key high demand transit locations. In so doing, not only are the objectives of reach and awareness being met, but we’re strategically and effectively engaging the brand’s targeted and economically-active audience in high dwell time transit environments.”