Showmax stimulates viewer interest with Lebo M – Coming Home campaign on Mall TV

Showmax has matched its target audience with the ideal environment in which to engage it, in a nationwide MALL ADS™ campaign to promote the airing of a new reality TV show.

‘Lebo M – Coming Home’ takes viewers into the home of the Grammy Award-winning South African producer and composer, as he juggles a busy life of creating new music and devoting time to his big family.

The campaign ran on MALL TV – South Africa’s leading TV network in malls – in 16 mid-income malls across the country, with Showmax identifying this platform as the ideal promotion partner with which to launch this new show, due to the synergy with the audience.

This mid-income malls market numbers approximately 20 million shoppers and is worth in the region of R11 billion in collective annual spend, and MALL TV – a digital place-based network – provides a great fit, due to its strategic location in high foot traffic and dwell time areas, with excellent viewability, engaging content, and high levels of recall. “Showmax was also, no doubt, attracted to MALL TV as a platform, due to its belief that the content of the new show would resonate with the mid-income mall audience, and MALL TV offers the perfect environment in which to engage this audience in a strategic and effective manner,” says Mzi Deliwe, Deputy CEO Provantage Media Group.