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Women in The Media perspectives: Lessons learned

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with amazing people who have shaped me in numerous ways.

One industry project I am particularly proud of was being part of the team that established outdoor media audience measurement research – today known as OMC ROAD. Working alongside some of the most respected female leaders in the media industry taught me the importance of resilience, openness, support and encouragement. These are some personal learnings I’d like to share with young businesswomen.

Shape your own path

Career paths are seldom linear. My work experience, exposure to new ideas, learning opportunities and the people I have met all led me to the place I always dreamed of. Believe in yourself, create opportunities and overcome obstacles to craft your own path.

Make your voice heard

Never be afraid to speak up. If you have a great idea, own it. Don’t agree with something that makes you uneasy; thoughtfully challenge it and share your opinions. Speaking my mind has opened up opportunities for change.

Work on building a diverse network

Colleagues and friends have played different roles throughout my career. Irrespective of race, gender, or age, they have mentored, coached, connected me to others, and offered useful feedback and emotional support, while at the same time encouraging me to pay it forward.

Be empathetic

Working in research has enabled me to appreciate the harmful impact of gender inequality and racial bias. Importantly, it has highlighted the need for empathy, a skill required on a societal level and among exceptional leaders of people.

Create enabling environments

The quote “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower” resonates with me. A leader’s purpose is not to ‘make’ people great, but rather to create environments that allow them room to flourish, achieve greatness and success.

~ Ruchelle Mouton is group head of marketing services at the Provantage Media Group.